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Finding your Arma 3 Player ID
« on: September 06, 2017, 12:32:41 am »
In your Application you are required to provide us with your ARMA 3 Player Identification Number (PID). This is a number unique to every copy of ARMA 3 and is used to add you to our XML file. This file is viewable by the community and also adds the unit emblem to both your character model and the side of any vehicle you may be operating. To find your Player Identification Number you will first need to launch the game just as you would normally.

Once Arma 3 launches to the main menu screen click on the Profile icon in the upper right hand corner.

Click on EDIT to edit your profile.

Click on the UNIT tab at the top of the frame.  Your Arma III Player ID will be shown where the red block is. 
(Note: If you haven't set up a new Player Profile the default profile will be displayed as your Computer Username)

Click on the drop down box and click Custom.

Your Arma III Player ID will be shown where the red block is.

Now that you have your PID make sure to write it down very carefully, as we go by the PID number you provide us in your application exactly as it is shown in your application, and any errors will result in unnecessary delays and headaches in getting you set up.