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Joining the 1st SFG *READ FIRST*
« on: December 13, 2016, 03:57:45 pm »

Welcome to the 1st SFG ArmA 3 Realism Unit! If you are interested in applying, make sure you meet the following requirements for joining.
  • Minimum Age Required: 18 years old
  • Must have a valid copy of ArmA 3 and a valid Player ID. An invalid or missing Player ID will result in your application not being processed.
  • Must have ArmA 3 Apex expansion.
  • Must have Teamspeak 3 and a working microphone.
  • Ability to attend Unit wide events, taking place on Saturday/Sundays at 2000 Eastern Time.
Upon submitting an application, all applicants will be required to provide a valid first and last name. However, you are not required to provide your real first or last name. You can choose a fictional name, as long as it meets the following guidelines:
  • Must be a realistic name
  • Must be a name easily located in a phone book
  • It may not be a celebrity/pop culture inspired name
  • It may not be a name with a historical reference (e.g: Napoleon, Rommel)
You must also Read & Understand the Definition of Realism Gaming:
  • The 1st SFG is a volunteer unit. By applying, you are accepting a realistic environment as the way you want to play ArmA 3. To explain, here we "role-play" being members of the military. When you're involved in Official Unit activities, you will be expected to play your role accordingly, regardless your rank, or billet. The reason why you are here, is because Realism is the type of experience you are looking for in this game. These expectations must be read and understood, as these are the core foundation of what this gaming community wants to achieve.
You must submit an application using our Application format.
If all the information provided is correct, your application will be processed as soon as possible. Please be patient during this process. We all have real lives and commitments to attend too.

If you need further info regarding this, feel free to contact our Recruiters.

Thanks for your interest in the 1st Special Forces Group Realism Unit!
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