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1st Special Forces Group Public Announcements
« on: December 13, 2016, 03:49:21 pm »
Welcome to the 1st Special Forces Group forums!

Founded July 31, 2016

We are a tight knit group of guys (and sometimes gals!) that have been playing ArmA together for the past few years. We aim to keep the fun flowing without taking away from the seriousness of a milsim environment. If this unit looks like something you are interested in, then feel free to create a post in the Welcome Room and tell us a little bit about yourself. If you do decide to give us a try, you can get started here.

Please join us on Discord: to catch the latest news and updates!

Billet Openings (Ground):

18B Weapons - Bravo Team

Billet Openings (Air):
1x Pilot - Must have HQ approval
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